Tuesday, February 23, 2010

candle and mirror

Today I wanted to make a candle set with an etched mirror to set them on. I really like the idea but I think it would look better on a glass plates instead of a mirror, all of the reflections make it hard to see. Anyways I started with a round mirror and cut out some circles with my circle scissors plus as seen here. I then stamped my images with versa mark on the candle and embossed them with my heat gun. I then used my armour etch cream and put that all over the mirror and let it set for about 10-15 minutes. When that was done I washed everything off and took of the circles and this is what it looked like.

I love the idea but I think it will look much better on a glass plate instead of a mirror. I will try a glass plate tomorow.

For the candles I decided drill a hole down the middle of the candle to hold a battery operated tea light. (After to talking to some friends we decided it's probably not a good idea to light candles to you have stamped on because the tissue paper could catch on fire.) To drill a hole big enough for the tea light you probably need a 11/2 inch drill bit or bigger. The one I was using wasn't big enough so I had to hand carve it the rest of the way. I stamped my images on tissue paper and cut it out close to the image and placed it on the candle. I then wrapped wax paper around it and heated it up with my heat gun just until the image melts into the candle. I then tied a ribbon around it to finish it off.

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Glenda Calkins said...

Very Cool Idea! thanks for sharing! Glenda