Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bear Tie/ Prayer request

Sorry, I forgot to mention my cousins name is Justin.

Well I wanted to give an update on my cousin. He was working for a tree trimming company and had a log dropped on him. He is in pretty bad shape. He has 7 fractures in his spine and 1 in his neck and shoulder. He also fractured his skull and has some brussing and bleading on the brain. It sounds like it's going to be a long road ahead of him. We are not sure how much damage has been done at this point. I am asking for your prayers for him and my family. I thank you very much for your prayers.

This is a picture of my sons teddy bear. He wanted a tie for him so we used some of the 1 1/4 stripped grosgrain ribbon and a courdory brad.


Cindy Van Sluys said...

Steph, that is horrible. What is your cousin's name so I can pray for him.

Bear is cute!

Rel Squire (NZ) said...

Oh Steph, that is so sad for your cousin and all of you. You must all be so worried. What an awful thing to have had happen. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers very often.
Love your sons bear and the tie is so cool.